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Battle royale is a specific genre of games designed primarily for multiplayer games. In a nutshell: the game is based on throwing a large number of players on a large map lined with weapons and various equipment, and the players' task is to eliminate opponents and remain the last alive on the board. The genre currently enjoys great interest, mainly due to titles such as Fortnite. Also other productions, for example, introduce such a game mode, trying to keep up with the trends of electronic gameplay. The issue of time was the appearance of battle royale also on the platform of web browsers and mobile devices. One of such free browser titles is available on Poki. It is a two-dimensional production, in which we play as a nameless hero in a whirl of fighting and we are confronted with fierce competition with others. The gameplay mechanics themselves remain the same as in most battle royale titles - several dozen players fight simultaneously on the board, although the fun itself can be played in several different modes. There is a classic mode in which we must "simply" defeat all other players, as well as we can be tempted to duo mode - where we are randomly assigned to a two-person team or squad mode - here the team has four players. As in other productions of this genre, here too we are dealing with a very dynamic competition, based primarily on the collection of deadly types of weapons and using it against our opponents. The range of weapons placed at our disposal by the creators is quite substantial and includes white weapons, as well as many types of pistols, rifles or even a grenade launcher. We will also find a lot of different improvements that we can use with the already collected weapons, such as, for example, aiming sights that help us to hit enemies and more effective firing of shots at a selected location. Each time we enter the game, the board is randomly generated. We find various objects on it, such as buildings, trees, boulders and other elements of the world. They allow us to effectively protect ourselves against the attack of enemies, as well as to set traps on them. When we find ourselves under a tree, we receive not only a shield, but it is also harder for us to see through our opponents. The interior of buildings is invisible to other players if their view does not have a door or window in such a way that they can look into it. The dynamism of the game is also added by the ever narrowing area of ​​the game, the limits of which are marked by a red circle. Over time, this circle tightens, forcing players to meet sooner or later. The area itself is not deadly in itself, but deals little damage from time to time. The longer we stay on it, the more dangerous it is. In summary, is an interesting piece of electronic entertainment. Easy availability - we do not even have to set up an account in the game - and simple controllable controls make one of the most interesting proposals on the browser games market. It will certainly appeal not only to the fans of battle royale, but also to fans of widely understood multiplayer.


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